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Ratn, Use in Astrology

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Ratn, Use in Astrology
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These gems are used in astrology also. Some points about them to note are ----

(1) Wear the right gem when the planets act tough. Choosing the right gem is the 20 carat question. Astrologers are of the view that when a planet is posited either in 6 or 8 or 12th house it becomes weak and provides malefic effects. Planets posited in 6, 8 or 12, may yield malefic results, but it is not correct to say, that the same planet has become weak. There is another misunderstanding in the minds of the astrologers that by providing gems to a malefic planet, it wil start giving benefic results. First one should know the difference between the weak and the malefic, The planet will be weak only, if it is posited in the sign of debilitation or when the planet is in the sign which is detrimental to that sign that means the 7th to the own sign of the planet. A planet will never be weak, when it is either posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house of the chart. These houses are called the evil houses or Dusthaan.

(2) To provide strength and to propitiate the planets are two separate things and it should be understood clearly before prescribing remedial measures.

(3) Do not recommend gems according to major Dashaa or Bhukti lords. Read the chart carefully, and see which planets cause the suffering, whether the planets are weak or malefic (not by nature but by ownership and occupation). In case of weak planets, Gems are to be provided. When the planets are malefic we should not provide the Gem for that planet. In such case, propitiation of the planets are needed.

The Thumb Rule for Wearing a Gem (?)
The proper weight of a gem to impact human life is still as confusing and a bamboozlement undertaking. When some learned consider 5 Rattee for a Ruby, some other consider 7 Rattee. One more theory seems to have emerged as a more authenticate ie the weight of the astral gems should be according to the body weight of the person who wishes to wear it. After measuring the weight in terms of kilograms of the person, divide it by 13. The quotient, more nearer to a round numerical, is the right Rattee weight to be worn by a native.

For example if a person is weighing 67 Kg -
Divide 67 by 13 = 5.15, which is nearer to 5.
So the person should wear any stone of 5 Rattee only.

To know, how much time the gem may take to react, the wavelength and the distance of the planet signifying the gem from the Earth in kilometer should be correctly ascertained. Then the formula is ----
Distance of the planet from the Earth in terms of Km divided by Wave length of the planet = Time in hours.

Example: The Red Coral: The signifying planet is Mars.
The distance of Mars the Earth is 235,000,000 Km. Wave Length of coral is 65,400.
235,000,000 divided by 65,400 = 59 min 53 seconds =Approx. 1 hour.

Upa-Ratn is the secondary gem to use according to one's horoscope, in the absence of the Main Primary Ratn. Who cannot afford Ratn to wear, they use Upa-Ratn. The following are the views of a well-experienced gemologist in business -

"The main concern is about density, like a red Spinel looks like a ruby but its hardness (or density) is less than a Ruby. In which case a 3 carat perfect red Spinel works as well as a one carat ruby of same quality. The same with Topaz and Yellow Sapphire etc, but in other cases it is a stone which is Upa-Ratn of a planet, like Pearls are not stones, but they are a precious gem for Moon. There is a harder density in Moonstone than in Natural Pearl, but I would still say a natural pearl of 1 carat = Moonstone of over 6 carats. There is no any bona fide exact science of Up-Ratn. They are a recent addition to the scene. I first saw Upa-Ratn in 1974 from late Raaj Roop Tank of Jayapur. He had two books, in Hindi and in English as "Indian Gemology." So my own experience has shown success with all clients using Up-Ratn, and to the extent of my experience I would say Upa-Ratn are about 30% as strong as the Mahaa-Ratn. Like a over three carat flawless Moonstone would equal a single one carat Natural Pearl. In some cases I actually prefer the Upa-Ratn over the Mahaa-Ratn, such as Tsavorite is BETTER than Emerald. So it's a superstitious belief based on common sense and recent tradition to wear only Mahaa-Ratn."


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