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Stotra is a word or a group of words which is written and read in the honor and praise of some Devtaa, such as Aaditya Stotra [mentioned in Bhavishya Puraan, 3/22] is written in praise of Soorya Dev. Most Stotra are written like this.

The three most popular Stotra for Hindu are -
Lalitaa Sahastranaam,
Shree Rudram Chamakam, and
Vishnu Sahastranaam.

Other famous Stotra are :-- Naaraayan Kavach, Shree Raam Rakshaa Stotra and Shree Maaruti Stotra. Stotra are useful to destroy Karm. Their main characteristic is that they are not bound by the rules as Ved are, that is why they are accessible to anybody. But this does not mean that they are not as potent as Vaidik Mantra. Any Stotra chanted with (a) concentration (b) devotion will have a net effect of eliminating Karm and purifying the life of the reciter, so as to render him with favorable circumstances. One should not compare Stotra with Vaidik Mantra, because each is unique and special unto themselves. Concentration means with restraint of mind to the Stotra and devotion means with belief.

Normally they contain names of God (the specific Stotra is related to) and according to Hinduism God's names are the most valuable tools for the liberation of the mind. While reading the Stotra, one should observe some standard rules to regulate one's life, such as Brahmcharya and speaking Truth. Before reading a Stotra, one should take bath (or at least perform ablution = washing of mouth hands and feet), sit with a glass of water to do Aachman with it. It is true that these Stotra can fulfill worldly wishes, but if they are recited without any wish, solely for devotional purpose, still they fulfill all wishes.

The following Stotra are highly beneficial:

1. Vishnu Sahastra Naam (the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu)
2. Shree Narasinh Kavach Stotram (which comes in two versions, recommended is the one in Brahm Puraan, as spoken by Narasinh Dev's devotee Prahlaad
3. Shiv Kavach
4. Shiv Sahastra Naam
5. Shree Hanumaan Chaaleesaa


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
Updated on 04/04/13