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Many Tantra

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Many Tantra
See also    Aghoree;    Mantra;     Yog;     Saadhanaa

There are 64 branches of Tantra.

Brahmaa Yaamal Tantra

Chidaambar Rahasya

Damar Tantra

Gatak Tantra

Kaatyaayanee Tantra
Kaatyanee Tantra describes Rudraaksh from 15-Mukhee to 21-Mukhi very explicitly Prabhu. Kaatyaayanee or Kaatyanee Tantra has been written around 800 years ago in Sanskrit and has been translated in Hindi in 1980. Since nobody has ever searched the texts of Rudraaksh in Kaatyani Tantra so nobody really knows that all this exist in this Sacred Tantra.

Kaatyanee Tantra is also known as Kaatyaayanee Tantra. It is said by some scholars not to have been published in English or Sanskrit. Others say it was a Sanskrit text that was translated into Hindi (and maybe in English too). Various parts of the elusive Kaatyaayanee Tantra is scattered across many Shree Vidyaa works. It is believed that information about Kaatyanee (the Deity) is found in the Karaveer Mahaatmya and / or Devee Mahaatmya.

Krodh Tantra

Kul Choodaamani Tantra
This Tantra is written on the style of Rudra Yaamal Tantra. In this Tantra, Shiv appears as Bhairav and asks Bhairavee the questions.

Mahaa Nirvaan Tantra

Meru Tantra

Rudra Yaamal Tantra
Its summary is here -
Rudra Yaamal in Controlling Your Hormones, by Robert L Peck
Rudra Yaamal Tantra is supposed to be the oldest Tantra among all Tantra. It is the source of several other Tantra but the original appears to be lost. Presently it is available in a Sanskrit edition which is divided in 66 chapters (Paataal) and written in a simple language. In this Shiv asks the questions and Shakti (Bhairavee) replies. Shiv Jee says to Shakti - "I have heard about many Tantra, such as Brahmaa Tantra, Shakti Yaamal Tantra, Shree Yaamal Tantra, Vishnu Yaamal Tantra, but now he wants to listen to Rudra Yaamal Tantra." Bhairavee says - "I will tell you about Rudra Yaamal Tantra - Kumaaree Lalitaa Saadhanaa, Khecharee, Yakshinee and Kanyaa Saadhanaa, and Unmatt Bhairavee and Kaalee Saadhanaa. I will tell you about Garland of Skulls Saadhanaa, Bhadra Kaalee, Guhya Kaalee, Kubjikaa and Shamshaan Kaalee Saadhanaa and a host of others.

In spite of being lost its some texts have survived embedded in the writings, Paritrinshik, which in turn is embedded in Paritrishak Vivaran. This Sanskrit text was written by a Sanskrit Taantrik scholar of 11th century - Abhinav Gupta

Sabar Tantra
Sabar Tantra is one of the very popular branch of many Tantra. This Sabar Tantra Vidyaa was given by Lord Shiv and Dattaatreya. All the 9 Nava Naath (Machhindranaath, Kanifnaath, Gorakshnaath.... etc) contributed / composed the Mantra for this. All the Nava Naath had got the boon from each God for these Sabar Mantra. Gorakshnaath Jee alone has contributed 600 million (60 Crore) Mantra for Sabar Vidyaa; and rest of the Naath have contributed only 400 million (40 Crores) Mantra. So total 1 billion (100 Crore) Mantra are there in Sabar Tantra alone.

 1. Sabar Mantra have influence of local language, and have words from common language instead of Sanskrit words. Many Sabar Mantra have the worlds like "Guru ko Aadesh", "Shabd Sachchaa", "Pinds Kaccha, Furo Mantra Eeshwaro waach"

Shakti Yaamal Tantra

Shree Yaamal Tantra

Vishnu Yaamal Tantra


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