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Ped (Trees)
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Paadap;  Vitap;  Vriksh.  Trees
Trees are a kind of vegetation.

This is Bhagavaan's Vaikrit Creation. There are six types of vegetation - (1) Vanaspati - Which gives fruits without flowers, e.g. Goolar, Peepal, Vat (banyan) etc.
(2) Aushadhi (herbs) - Whose life span is only one time. They get destroyed once the fruit has ripened on them, e.g. rice, wheat, gram etc.
(3) Lataa (creepers) - Which grow with the help of something, e.g. Braahmee, Giloya etc and other creepers.
(4) Twaksaar - Whose bark is very hard, e.g. bamboo etc trees.
(5) Veerudh - Creepers which spread on land only because of being heavy they could not climb upward, e.g. melon, watermelon etc.
(6) Drum - Where fruits replace flowers, e.g. mango, Jaamun (rose berry), guava etc trees.

Tree worship is very old in Hinduism. Kalp Vriksh, or Nandan Vriksh, which fulfills all wishes, is with Devtaa. Peepal and Banyan trees are still worshipped by common people. Dhoop (a vegetable fragrance) and Chandan (sandal) are still used to worship Devtaa. Tulasee leaves are offered to Vishnu, Bel leaves are offered to Shiv Jee. Mango leaves are used to decorate doors on auspicious occasions. Mango wood is used for Havan purpose. Some trees, flowers and leaves etc are used for worshipping.

It is believed that banyan tree knows the secret of the heart and nobody dares to lie under it. It is also believed that God has been seen under it.

Sanjaya tells Dhritraashtra in MBH, Bheeshm Parv, that there are four kinds of trees - trees, shrubs, creepers and creeping plants (existing only for one year and all stemless plants of grass species). Names of some common trees are given below which come under the category of trees - tall, broad spread vegetation which has a long strong trunk. Some of them are fruit trees, some are flowering trees, while others are just trees -

Tree Names in Hindi Tree Names in English Other Names in Hindi
Aadoo Plum
Aam Mango Aamra
Aamalaa Indian Gooseberry Amalakee. A sacred tree for Hindu
Amalakee Indian Gooseberry Aamalaa. A sacred tree for Hindu
Aamra Mango Aam
Aloochaa Plum
Amarood Guava
Anjeer Fig  
Ashok/Mast Related to Kaam Dev, it is said that it blooms by hits of beautiful maidens
Ashwatth   Peepal. A sacred tree for Hindu
Baans Bamboo
Babool Acacia
Bad Banyan Baragad, Bat, Vat, Nyagrodh - A sacred tree for Hindu
Baragad Banyan Bat, Plaksh, Vat, Nyagrodh - A sacred tree for Hindu
Bat Banyan Baragad, Vat, Plaksh, Nyagrodh - A sacred tree for Hindu
Bel Wood Apple A sacred tree to worship Shiv
Bent Cane  
Bhoj Birch Its bark was used for writing in ancient times.
Cheekoo Chikkoo
Cheed   It is very tall and weak tree.
Devadaar Cedar or Pine? Kanakbhadra
Dhaak/Palaash Palaash. Its leaves are in groups of three
Dhatooraa, Dhatura Thorn Apple Its leaves are poisonous.
Eycalyptus -- Safedaa
Golaa Coconut-the inside nut
Gum/Yookliptas Eucalyptus Safedaa
Imalee Tamarind
Ingudee Called as Lisaudaa, or Labhedaa
Jaamun Rose Apple Also called Jamboo, a kind of black plum
Jamboo Rose Apple Also called Jaamun, a kind of black plum
Kadalee Banana Kelaa
Kadamb A tree with orange flowers, related to Krishn
Kanakbhadra Cedar or Pine? Devadaar
Kapoor Camphor Karpoor
Karpoor Camphor Karpoor
Kelaa Banana Kadalee
Khajoor Date Palm
Khoobaanee Peach
Mausamee Orange
Naariyal Coconut with shell
Neeboo Lemon or Lime Nimboo
Neem Margosa Or Nimb, A medicinal tree
Nimb Margosa Or Neem, A medicinal tree
Nimboo Lemon or Lime Neeboo
Nyagrodh Banyan Baragad, Bat, Vat, Plaksh - A sacred tree for Hindu
Paarijaat Nyctanthes arbor-tristis  A sacred flowering tree supposed to be in Indra Puree. Its Botanical name is Nyctanthes arbor-tristis 
Palaash/Dhaak Dhaak. Its leaves are in groups of three
Peepal Ashwattha, or Pippal. A sacred tree for Hindu, related to Yaksh
Pippal   Ashwattha, or Peepal. A sacred tree for Hindu, related to Yaksh
Plaksh Banyan Baragad
Safedaa Eucalyptus Gum ' Yookliptas
Santaraa Tangerine
Seb Apple
Shaalmali Silk-cotton  
Shamee Mimosa Suma This tree is famous in reference of Paandav. They hid their weapons on this tree. A thorny tree like Babool.
Supaaree Betel Nut
Taad Palm
Vat Banyan Baragad, Bat,  Plaksh, Nyagrodh - A sacred tree for Hindu
Yookliptas/Gum Eucalyptus
Tree's Parts Names in Hindi Tree's Parts Names in English Other Names in Hindi
Ankur Sprout
Beej Seed
Bhoosaa Husk
Daal Branch Shaakh, Shaakhaa
Dal   The fleshy part of fruit which covers seeds
Dandee (Small ones) Stem, Twig
Gond Sap
Guthalee Stone  
Jad Root
Kusum Flower Pushp, Phool
Madhu Honey Shahad, Makarand
Makarand Honey Madhu, Makarand, Shahad
Paraag Stamen
Pankhadee Petal
Patra Leaf Pattee or Pattaa
Pattee or Pattaa Leaf Patra
Phal Fruit
Phool Flower Kusum, Pushp
Pushp Flower Phool, Kusum
Shaakh, or Shaakhaa Branch Daal
Shahad Honey Madhu, Makarand
Tanaa Trunk


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