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There are too many mythological stories in Hindu scriptures - about Devtaa (Ganesh, Shiv, Hanumaan, Devee), Raakshas, Rishi, Vaanar, Rivers etc (see Biographies for them). But there are some which do not come under the above categories. Those kinds of stories are given here, some are famous while others are not.

STORIES-2 - There are many stories more which are scattered at other places, read them here.



1. Where Does God Live?
2. The Riddle of Destiny and Free Will
3. Pronunciation of Mantra
4. Four Wives
5. Our Strange Gods
6. Bhakt Chokamelaa
7. Saavitree and Gaayatree
8. King Rajasekar and Ayyappaa
9. Thirumazhisai Alvar
10. Akbar and a Girl
11. God Has a Plan for Everybody
12. Where is God
13. Knowledge of Self Realization
14. Power of Love
15. Strange Sound
16. Brahmaa Jee's Last Teachings

Stories-Shishu Sansaar

Stories of Arabian Nights
Stories  of Akbar and Beerbal
Stories from Panchtantra
Stories of Sinhaasan Batteesee
Stories of Vikram and Vetaal


Stories of Shishya

Many famous stories about Guru Bhakt Shishya
Aaruni, Alvar, Eklavya, Eknaath, Padmpaad, Upamanyu, Ved


Stories of Bhakt


More than 40 Inspirational Stories



Stories of Saints

(1) Modern Saints
(2) Socrates on Gossip

These stories are not part of Mahaabhaarat as such, they are
the stories told in MBH
Read Parables of Mahaabhaarat

See also  Stories of Mahaabhaarat in Shishu Sansaar

1. Story of a Braahman
2. What You Should Ask From God?
3. Krishn Bhakt Sulabhaa
4. Sudhanvaa
5. Satyabhaamaa and Rukminee
6. Kach and Devayaanee
7. Bheeshm and Draupadee
8. Shibi
9. Uloopee
10. Karm-Phal
11. Short Stories
12. Bhangaaswan



1. Guru and Shishya
2. Kannapaa Nayanaar
3. Karm Bhog
4. A King and a Saint
5. Dharm
6. Short Stories
7. Sevaa
8. Treasure

At Other Places
1. A Widow and Her Son
2. A Braahman and his Son
3. A prostitute
4. Bhakt Priest
5. Greatness of Satsang
6. Bhakt Sanandan
8. Whatever Happens, Happens for Good



1. Appearance of Jagannaath Jee: Story of Indradyumn
2. Story of Aatm Dev
3. Why Naag's Mother Cursed Them?
4. Agni Dev
5. The Power of Chastity
6. Creation
7. Raajaa Chitraketu
8. Who is Greater
9. Why Vishnu Had to Incarate 10 Times?
10. Who is the Greatest Devtaa Among the Three?
11. Utathya
13. How one can Liberate Himself?
14. Keshidhwaj and Khaandikya
15. Maandhaataa
16. Sagar
17. Bhageerath
18. Ushaa and Aniruddh
19. Pururavaa
20 Gautamee Gangaa
21. Jealousy
22. Raadhaa and Rukminee
23. Understanding
24. Age of Universe
25. Truth
26. What is Brahm Muhoort?


  Stories-Shishu Sansaar-Educational

1. A Wise and a Fool
2. A Jackal Husband and His Wife
3. Three Princesses
4. Greedy Children
5. Lazy Children
6. Only If I Could Die
7. A Mice Saves the Life of a Lion
8. A Scorpion and a Braahman
9. The Hen Who Laid Golden Eggs
10. How a Donkey Came Out the Well
11. Who Will be the King
12. Always Do Your Best
13. The Genie and the Merchant
14. All People Have a Choice
15. Do Your Best
16. What Do We Want From Life
17. Whatever You Give Me is Sweet
18. The Most Valuable Learning
19. Bringing Light into Darkness
20. Theory versus Practice
21. What Should We Ask From God?
22. Tolerate Others, Not Insult Others
23. God's Many Forms
24. Be a Human First
25. Dad's Blessings
26. Building Your House


1. Creation
2. Who is Greater?
3. Janashruti and Raikwa
4. Dialog Between Devtaa and Yaksh
5. Dialog Between Yaagyavalkya and Maitreyee
6. Dialog Between Yam and Nachiketaa
7. Dialog Between Kausalya and Pippalaad
8. Dialog Between Uddaalak and Shwetketu
9-10 Dialog Between Yaagyavalkya and Gaargee
11. Dialog Between Prajaapati and Indra
12. Dialog Between Uddaalak and a King Jaivaali
13. Satyakaam
14. Ushasti Chaakraayan
15. Paraa and A-Paraa Vidyaa
16. A Bold Beggar
17. Who is the Greatest

  27. Sand or Stone
28. Mother's Day
29. Missing Friend
30. A Monk and a Baby
31. Story of a Tea Cup
32. God Has His Own Design
33. An Insightful Lesson
34. Self Confidence
35. A Rose and a Cactus
36. A Lessons From Ants
37. Helping Hands Are Greater Than Talking Lips
38. Three Kick Rule
39. A Mental Patient
40. Excellence
41. Everything Happens For Good
42. Where is Heaven
43. You Cannot keep Everybody Happy
44. Fruits of Labor


1. How to Live Life?
2. Difference Between Life and Death
3. Socrates
4. Monks
5. Kabeer Daas



Miscellaneous Topics
Since animals and plants are regarded as a part of the same cosmos as humans, it is not surprising that animal and plant life was keenly protected and veterinary medicine was a distinct branch of science with its own hospitals and scholars. Numerous texts, especially of the postclassical period, Vishnudharmottar Mahaapuraan for example, mention veterinary medicine. Megasthnese refers to the kind of treatment which was later to be incorporated in Palakapya Muni's Hastyaayur Ved and similar treatises. Shaalihotra was the most eminent authority on horse breeding and hippiatry. Juadudatta gives a detailed account of the medical treatment of cows in his Ashwa-Vaidyak
(source: Indian and World Civilization - By DP Singhal, Michigan State Univ Pr, November 1969, ASIN 0870131435 p.187-188). For more refer to chapter on Hindu Culture II.

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Birds in Hindu Scriptures
Boat in Hindu Scriptures
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Naag in Hindu Scriptures
Nature and Hindu Scriptures
Other Things in Hindu Scriptures
Transport in Hindu Scriptures
Trees in Hindu Scriptures
Trees and Planets
Tulaa (Scale) in Hindu Scriptures
Water in Hindu Scriptures



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