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4-Uttar Parv

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32-Other Vrat-17

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32-Other Vrat-17
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-96-101, p 486-490

Nakt Vrat
(Chap 96) Krishn Jee said - "Now you listen to Nakt Vrat, by doing this Vrat people can attain Mukti. On the 14th of Shukla Paksh of any month, start your Vrat after feeding a Braahman. Every month has two Chaturdashee and two Ashtamee. Worship Shiv Jee on those days. In the night take food kept on the floor.

* Note - In Gayaa etc Teerth plates are made into floors. Long before, Jain, Bauddh Bhikshu, Sanyaasee etc used to eat food either in those plates, or clay plates, or in hands (these people were called Karapaatree). This type of taking food included sacrifice, Vrat, Tapasyaa and tolerance.

Bhikshaa (alms) is better than fasting, A-Yaachit Vrat is better than Bhikshaa, and Nakt food is better than A-Yaachit Vrat. That is why one should do Nakt Vrat. In the morning Devtaa take food, in the mid-day Muni take food, in the afternoon Pitar take food, and in the evening Guhyak etc take food. Therefore one should eat after all have eaten. Who has taken Nakt Vrat, he should daily take bath in the morning, take a little quantity of food, always speak truth, do daily Havan and sleep on the floor. Thus one should do it for one year. To conclude, one should keep Shiv idol made of clay on a pitcher filled with Ghee, give bath to the idol with cow Panchgavya (see Panchaamrit), put fruits, flowers, Yava (barley), milk, yogurt, Doorvaa grass, sesame seeds and rice in water and offer that water as Arghya (keeping both knees on floor and raising the pot of water up to the head). Offer Naivedya, donate a cow with calf to a Braahman with Dakshinaa. Who does this Vrat he goes to Rudra Lok with Divine body. There he enjoys for 3 billion years (300 Crore) and after that is born as king on this Prithvi."

Shiv Chaturdashee Vrat
(Chap 97) Krishn further said - "Now you listen to Shiv Chaturdashee Vrat, this is called Maaheshwar Vrat also. On the 13th of Shukla of Maargsheersh Maas, one should eat only once, and on the 14th, one should not eat at all. Worship Shiv along with Paarvatee Jee and golden bull. After the worship give that bull and water filled pitcher to Braahman along with various foods. He should pronounce - "Preeyataam Dev Devo atra Sadyojaatah Pinaak Dhrik". Take some Ghee sitting north faced and sleep on the floor. He should do this on the 14th day of every month. Pray Shiv Jee with these Mantra at the time of sleeping (
the Mantra is given on p 487 ). Whoever does this Vrat his parents' sins are also destroyed and he gets the fruit of one thousand Ashwamedh Yagya."

Sarv Phal Tyaag Chaturdashee Vrat
(Chap 98) Krishn Jee further said - "Now you listen to Sarv Phal Tyaag Chaturdashee Vrat which fulfills all wishes. One should take this Vrat on the 14th day of Shukla Paksh of Maargsheersh Maas or on the 8th day of other months. One should feed Kheer to Braahman on that day and give Dakshinaa. After one has started this Vrat, he should not eat any inauspicious fruit or 18 types of grains. In the conclusion, on the 14th or 8th day, make golden idol of Rudra and Dharm Raaj, establish them on the two water filled pitchers and worship them. Make these 16 fruits of gold - Kooshmaand, Maatulung, eggplant, jackfruit, mango, Aamadaa, Kaith, Kaling (Tarabooz or watermelon), Kakadee, Shareefaa (Shreephal), Vat, Ashwatth, sour lemon, banana, Ber (a mind of berry), and Daadim (pomegranate); and these 16 fruits of silver - Moolee, Aamalaa, Jaamun, Kamalgattaa, Karondaa, Goolar, coconut, grape, wild eggplant (Banbhantaa), Kankol, Kaakmaachee, Kheeraa (cucumber), Kareel, Kutaj, and Shamee; and these 16 fruits of copper - Taal, Agastya, Pidaar, Khajoor (date), Sooran, Kandak, Katahal (jackfruit), Lakuch, Khenkasaa, Imalee (tamarind), Chitraavallee, Koot Shaalmalika, Mahuaa, Kaarvella, Vallee, and Gudpalak. One should not eat all these fruits till he finishes his Vrat. On the conclusion of the Vrat the idols and these fruits should be given to a calm Braahman couple. A bed with bedding, ornament and Dakshinaa should also be given. Feed the Braahman and take food himself also without oil and sour. If one cannot leave all these fruits, he should try to leave at least one.

Who does this Vrat he lives in Rudra Lok for millions of years and is never separated from his Isht. Women should also do this Vrat.

Paurnmaasee Vrat
(Chap 99) Krishn further said - "Hey Raajan, Poornimaa is the favorite Tithi of Chandramaa (Moon). Because on this day only he shines with 16 Kalaa (aspects), that is why it is called Paurnmaasee. On this Tithi only Chandramaa got his son Budh from Taaraa. Chandramaa himself has said - "Whoever will worship me on this day, I will fulfill his all wishes." A Vratee should take bath in the morning and do Tarpan for Pitar. After coming home, he should draw a Mandal and establish Chandramaa with his Nakshatra. Worship them with white sandal, rice, white flower, Dhoop, lamp, Naivedya cooked in Ghee and white clothes and ask for his forgiveness. In the evening offer Arghya with this Mantra (
the Mantra is given on p 488 ). In the night eat vegetable and Tinnee rice. One should worship Chandramaa every month. If somebody wishes to do this same worship on Amaavasyaa day, he should do it in the same way. Amaavasyaa Tithi is dear to Pitar, that is why one should do Daan and Tarpan on this day. Who keeps fast on Amaavasyaa, he gets fruits of doing Shraaddh under the banyan tree.

Thus one should do this Vrat for one year. Conclude it by making a golden idol of Chandramaa with his Nakshatra and donating to a Braahman. If Vratee cannot do it for one year, he should conclude it by doing one Paurnmaasee Vrat only. Who do Paurnmaasee Vrat and Tarpan on Amaavasyaa day, they are never without wealth and children.

Vaishaakh, Kaartik and Maagh Poornimaa Vrat
(Chap 100) Yudhishthir asked - "Which Tithi are auspicious in a Samvatsar (year)?" Krishn said - "Poornimaa of Vaishaakh, Kaarttik and Maagh are most auspicious for bathing and donations. One must take bath and donate on these Tithi. One should take bath in Teerth places on these days. Who does Tarpan or Pitar on these days he gets unlimited fruits and uplifts his Pitar.

Vaishaakh Poornimaa - If one donates grains and water filled pitcher with gold and clothes to Braahman on Vaishaakh Poornimaa, he becomes free from all kinds of grieves. In this Vrat one should donate a pot filled with sweet tasty food, cow, land, gold, and clothes.
Maagh poornimaa - On Maagh Poornimaa, one should do Tarpan of Pitar, and donate a pot filled with sesame seeds with gold, blanket, winter clothes, cotton, gems etc to Braahman.
Kaarttik Poornimaa - On this day donate a bull, elephant, horse, chariot, Ghee Dhenu (see Vishok Dwaadashee), banana, dates, coconut, pomegranate, orange, cucumber, eggplant, bitter gourd etc fruits and bathe Vishnu. 

Who do not take bath on these Tithi, they always remain ill and poor. It is good to donate to Braahman, but one can give to sister, sister's son, father's sister etc and poor people. Who donates to friend, noble person, unfortunate person, poor, and an incoming person with expectation, he gets Swarg. When Bharat came back from his maternal grandfather's house and came to know that Raam has left for forest, and people believed that Raam went to forest only because of him, Bharat said - "Maa Kaushalyaa, If I have anything to do with Raam's going to forest then all, Maagh, Kaartik and Vaishaakh Poornimaa should just pass without my donations and baths and I should be born in a lower species." Hearing this Kaushalyaa believed him and embraced him. The glory of these Poornimaa cannot be described fully, that is why I told you this in brief."

Yugaadi Tithi
(Chap 101) Yudhishthir said - "Now tell me about those days when even a small amount of Daan, Tap, Snaan, etc Punya Karm become indestructible and give great results." Krishn said - "Now I tell you a secret which I have never told anyone till now.

The 3rd day of Shukla Pakh of Vaishaakh Maas
The 9th day of Shukla Paksh of Kaartik Maas
The 13th day of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad Maas,  and
The Poornima of Maagh Maas - These four days are the beginning of the four Yug - Sat, Tretaa, Dwaapar and Kali respectively. Any Daan, fast, Tap, Jap, Hom etc donemon these days give million times Punya.

On Vaishaakh Shukla Triteeyaa, worship Lakshmee Naaraayan and donate salt Dhenu.
On Kaartik Shukla Navamee, worship Shiv Paarvatee and donate sesame seed Dhenu.
On Bhaadrapad Krishn Trayodashee, after having done Pitar Tarpan, and feed Braahman food with honey and Ghee and donate a cow with calf to him.
On Maagh Poornimaa, worship Brahmaa and Gaayatree and donate butter Dhenu along with clothes and gold and ruits.

Whatever Daan is given on these days it becomes immortal. If a person is poor then donate only a little, but one must donate something. All kinds of sins are destroyed and the giver attains Swarg.



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