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Ratn from Saagar Manthan

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Ratn from Saagar Manthan

Saagar Manthan story has been given at many places in Hindu Scriptures. Read its full story here. We all have been hearing that 14 Ratn (gem or good things) came out after churning the Ksheer Saagar, but different scriptures give different list of them. Here are some references of various Puraan, Vaalmeeki Raamaayan and even of Mahaabhaarat as what came out of Saagar Manthan to compare how they differ in sequence and things:--

[2Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti-5]
(1) Surabhi (Kaamdhenu) - Taken by Rishi
(2) Varunee Devee (Madiraa or Wine) - Taken by Daitya,
(3) Paarijaat tree (Kalp Vriksh) - Planted in Swarg (Nandan Van)
(4) Apsaraa (600 million in number)
(5) Chandramaa (Moon),
(6) Kaalkoot (Vish or poison) - Drank by Shiv
(7) Dhanvantari with Amrit Kund -
(8) Ucchshraivaa horse - Taken by Raajaa Bali
(9) Airaavat elephant - Taken by Indra
(10) Lakshmee - Brahmaa gave her to Vishnu

[2Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar-37]
(1) Kaalkoot Vish - Drank by Shiv
(2) Daridraa - Lakshmee's elder sister
(3) Vaarunee Devee - Taken by Naag Raaj Ananat
(4) A beautiful woman - Taken by Garud as his wife
(5) Divine Apsaraa - Taken by Indra
(6) Gandharv - Taken by Indra
(7) Airaavat elephant - Taken by Indra
(8) Uchchaishravaa horse - Taken by Indra
(9) Dhanvantari Vaidya - Taken by Indra
(10) Paarijaat tree - Taken by Indra
(11) Surabhi cow - Taken by Indra
(12) Lakshmee
(13) Chandramaa
(14) Tulasee - Hari's wife

This is the only place where all the 14 names are given, BUT there is no mention of Amrit here, because this Saagar Manthan was not done for Amrit but for Lakshmee; that is why this list seems to be a bit different from other lists given elsewhere, but we hear about the Saagar Manthan for Lakshmee too, when Durvaasaa Rishi gave Shaap to Indra (read Durvaasaa and Indra) to become Shree-less and Vishnu suggested him to churn Ksheer Saagar to get Lakshmee.

[3Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham-3]
(1) Surabhi cow
(2) Vaarunee Devee
(3) Paarijaat tree
(4) Apsaraa (600 million in number)
(5) Chandramaa (Moon) - Taken by Shiv
(6) Halaahal (Vish or poison) - taken by snakes
(7) Dhanvantari with Amrit
(8) Lakshmee - Chose Vishnu as her husband

[5Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/3-4]
(1) Halaahal (Vish or poison) - Drank by Shiv
(2) Surabhi (Kaamdhenu) - Taken by Rishi
(3) Uchchshraivaa Horse - Taken by Raajaa Bali
(4) Airaavat Elephant - Taken by Indra
(5) Kaustubh Mani - Taken by Vishnu
(6) Paarijaat (Kalp Vriksh) - Planted in Swarg (Nandan Van)
(7) Apsaraa - Taken by Indra
(8) Lakshmee - Chose Vishnu as her husband
(9) Vaarunee Devee (Madiraa or Wine) - Taken by Daitya
(10) Dhanvantari along with Amrit Kalash

[V-Raamaayan, 1/14/45] - Here the story of Saagar Manthan is quite different from other Saagar Manthan stories given in Puraan and heard in our childhood. It gives altogether a different kind of sequence of things coming out of the Sea.

(1) Halaahal - coming out of Vaasuki Naag's heads, Shankar drank it
(2) Dhanvantari - with Aayur Ved
(3) Apsaraa - 600 million in number with innumerable maids, taken by both Devtaa and Daitya
(4) Vaarunee Devee - Varun married her to Devtaa. Since she was called Suraa too, when Devtaa had accepted her, they were called Sur and because Daitya did not accept her they were called A-Sur (without Suraa)
(5) Ucchaishravaa Horse
(6) Kaustubh Mani
and lastly Amrit.

[ Mahaabhaarat, G-0-Prolog/6]
(1) A mild Moon
(2) Lakshmee
(3) Som (what is the difference between Som and Moon?)
(4) White horse
(5) Kaustubh Mani
(6) Dhanvantari with a white vessel of Amrit
(7) Airaavat with two pairs of tusks
(8) Kaalkoot Poison

It is strange that there is no mention of Surabhi cow, Kalp tree, Paarijaat tree, Vaaunee Devee etc here.

However, a list of 14 Ratn coming out of the Ksheer Saagar has also been found at another place given as a Shlok, although its source is unknown to me.

(1) Halaahal Vish (poison) - Shiv drank it and kept it in his throat
(2) Surabhi Cow - Rishi took it
(3) Uchhshraivaa Horse - Raajaa Bali took it
(4) Airaavat Elephant - Indra took it
(5) Kaustubh Mani - Vishnu wore it on His heart
(6) Paarijaat Tree - Indra took it and planted it in his Nandan Van
(7) Apsaraa - Indra took them
(8) Lakshmee - She chose Vishnu as her husband
(9) Vaarunee Devee - Daitya took her
(10) Shaarng Bow - Vishnu took it
(11) Chandramaa - Shiv took it and kept it on his head
(12) Shankh - Paanchjanya conch shell, Vishnu took it
(13) Dhanvantari - Traditional doctor
(14) Amrit - Ambrosia

There is a Shlok about the 14 Ratn coming out of the sea, I don't know how far this Shlok is correct, but I can say it for sure that Garud (Baaz) did not come out of the sea, as he was the son of Maharshi Kashyap and Vinataa [I got this Shlok from Manas Pant] --

Shree Rambhaa Vishu Vaarunee Amiya Shankh Gajaraaj
Dhanvantaaree Dhanu Dhenu Taru Chandramaa Mani Baaz.

(1) Shree - Lakshmee, (2) Rambhaa - Apsaraa, (3) Vishu - Halaahal Vish, (4) Vaarunee - Suraa, (5) Ameeya - Amrit, (6) Shankh - Paanchjanya Conch shell, (7) Gaj Raaj - Airaavat Elephant, (8) Dhanvantari - Vaidya, (9) Dhanu - Shaarng Bow, (10) Dhenu - Surabhi or Kapilaa Cow, (11) Taru - Kalp Vriksh or maybe Paarijaat tree, not clear, (12) Chandramaa - Moon, (13) Mani - Kaustubh Mani, and (14) Baaz - Garud



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