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1-Pratham Ansh

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3-Saagar Manthan

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3-Saagar Manthan
3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 29-39

Saagar Manthan

"Noticing this situation of Devtaa, Daanav invaded Devtaa. Devtaa fought with them but at last they were defeated. They went to Brahmaa Jee under the leadership of Agni Dev. Brahmaa Jee directed them to Vishnu so they all went to Vishnu on the northern shore of Ksheer Saagar along with Brahmaa Jee and prayed Him.

Pleased with their prayers, Hari spoke to them - "I will increase your grace later, but now you do what I say to you. You put all kinds of herbs in Ksheer Saagar to get Amrit. Make Mandaraachal Parvat your churning rod and Takshak Naag as the churning rope, then churn the sea with the help of Daitya and me. You use politics to make Daitya agreeable to you. Tell them that they would also get share in this Amrit. After drinking Amrit, you will become mighty and immortal. Then I will find some way so that only you can get that Amrit, not Daitya. Thus they will share only the labor to churn the sea, not the Amrit."

Hearing this Devtaa extended their friendship with Daitya and started churning the sea. They brought all kinds of herbs and put them in Ksheer Saagar. They made Mandaraachal Parvat their churning rod and Vaasuki Naag their churning rope and started churning it. Hari directed Devtaa towards Vaasuki's tail and Daitya towards its mouth side. All Daitya became weak because of Vaasuki's emitted poisonous breath, but the same breath caused rain towards its tail side so Devtaa were getting strength.

Shree Hari Himself took the form of a tortoise (Kashchap Avataar) and set Himself under Mandaraachal Parvat as its base, so that it does not get displaced during churning the sea. Hari had given His power to Devtaa and as well as to Asur so that they can pull Vaasuki Naag easily. With another invisible form Hari had pressed the Parvat down at its place so that it does not displace. Thus Hari had secured everything from all around with His various forms.

First appeared Kaamdhenu cow who was to give all things required by Rishi Muni for their Yagya. [See the list of things coming out of the sea from other sources] Seeing her both Devtaa and Daitya got very happy. Then appeared Vaarunee Devee, then appeared Kalp Vriksh (tree), then appeared Apsaraa, and then appeared Chandramaa (Moon) which was taken by Mahaadev Jee. Then appeared poison which was taken by Naag; and then appeared Dhanvantari carrying a pot of Amrit. All got very happy to see both.

Then appeared Lakshmee Devee sitting on a bloomed lotus flower and carrying lotus flowers in her hands. Maharshi prayed her. Gandharv and Vishwaavasu etc sang and Ghritaachee etc Apsaraa danced before her. Gangaa etc rivers came there to give her a bath and Diggaj (elephants) gave her the bath with the rivers' water filled in golden pitchers. Ksheer Saagar offered her a garland of bloomed lotus flowers. Vishwakarmaa adorned her various body parts with various ornaments. Thus after taking bath with Divine water, wearing Divine clothes and jewelry Lakshmee resided in Vishnu's heart.

Seeing this Devtaa got very happy but Daitya became very angry, so they snatched away the Amrit pot from Dhanvantari. Seeing this Shree Hari assumed the form of a very beautiful woman (Mohinee Avataar), took the Amrit pot from Daitya and gave it to Devtaa. Devtaa drank that Amrit and came to fight with Daitya. But because Devtaa had already had Amrit, they became very powerful and pushed Daitya army back from the battlefield. Daitya army ran away in all the directions. Some went to Paataal Lok too. Now Devtaa again started ruling Swarg. Then Indra prayed Lakshmee Jee again."

Paraashar further said - "Pleased with Indra's prayers Lakshmee Jee spoke - "I am very please with your Sootra, whatever you wish for ask for it. I have appeared only to give you Var." Then Indra asked the first Var that she should not leave this Tri-Lok; and asked the second Var that whoever worships her with that Stotra p  ), she should not abandon him." Lakshmee Jee said - "I will never leave this Tri-Lok and I will never abandon whoever will worship me with this Stotra in the morning and evening."

Hay Maitreya, Thus pleased with Indra's prayer Lakshmee Jee gave two Var to Indra. Thus Lakshmee was first born in Bhrigu's house from his wife Khyaati, then she appeared from Samudra. Whenever Vishnu incarnates on Prithvi, Lakshmee also incarnates with Him. When He was Aaditya, she was born from lotus flower (and was called Padmaa); when he came as Parashuraam, she was Prithvi; when He was Raam, she became Seetaa; and when He was Krishn, she became Rukminee.

Thus in whichever house this Stotra is read daily and regularly, those houses are never poor."



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