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Yug (Era, or Age)
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Yug are said to be linked with "Brahmaa Jee's breath". Polar wobble is also like a breath, In and Out, and thus 12,000 Divine years and change is in, while 12,000 Divine years and change is out!

Indian Time (Kaal) is divided in four Yug -
(1) Sat Yug - 4,000 Divine years or 1,728,000 Human years - Also known as the Golden Age or age of Truth. The qualities of this age are: virtue reigns supreme; human stature is 21 cubits; lifespan is 100,000 (1 Laakh) years, and death occurs only when willed.
(2) Tretaa Yug - 3,000 Divine years or 1,296,000 Human years - Also known as the Silver Age. The qualities of this age are: the climate is three quarters virtue and one quarter sin; human stature is 14 cubits; lifespan is 10,000 years.
(3) Dwaapar Yug - 2,000 Divine years - 864,000 Human years - Also known as the Bronze Age. The qualities of this age are: the climate is one half virtue and one half sin; lifespan is 1,000 years.
(4) Kali Yug - 1,000 Divine years - 432,000 Human years - Also known as the Iron Age. This is the age in which we are presently living. The qualities of this age are: the climate is one quarter virtue and three quarters sin; human stature is 3.5 cubits; lifespan is 100 or 120 years.

All the four Yug combined are called a Mahaa Yug or a Chatur-Yug or a 4-Yug.

Kali Yug's Triteeya Charan (3rd Paad, or 3rd leg) is of 26,000 years.

When these Yug Started?
According to Naarad Puraan, p 9    and  Agni Puraan, 24]
All Yug's starting Tithi (day) is different. According to Skand Puraan the starting Tithi of 
(1) Sat Yug started on Kaarttik Shukla 9
(2) Tretaa Yug started on Vaishaakh Shukla 3
(3) Dwaapar Yug started on Maagh Poornimaa, and
(4) Kali Yug started Bhaadrapad Krishn 13 -

According to Bhavishya Puraan, 4/32]
Sat Yug started on Vaishaakh Shukla 3
Dwaapar Yug started on Kaarttik Shukla 9
Tretaa Yug started on Bhaadrapad Krishn 13, and
Kali Yug started on Maagh Poornima
These four days are the beginning of the four Yug - Sat, Tretaa, Dwaapar and Kali respectively.

Whatever Daan,fast, Jap, Tap, Home Punya, Snaan, is done on these Tithi (days), it is immortal, that is why one must do something on these days, whether little or more.

Kali Yug started on Friday.
[Naarad Puraan, p 258]

Number of Years in Yug
Sat Yug         = 4,000 Div years + 800 = 4,800 = 1,728,000 Human years
Tretaa Yug    = 3,000 Div years + 600 = 3,600 = 1,296,000 Human years
Dwaapar Yug  = 2,000 Div years + 400 = 2,400 =   864,000 Human years
Kali Yug         =  1,000 Div years + 200 = 1,200 =   432,000 Human years
Total          ---10,000 Div years + 2000 Div years  = 4,320,000 human years - 1 4-Yug period 
                                                      [1 Div year = 360 human years]

Raam and Krishn's Birth Time and Kali Yug
Some people believe that:----
Raam was born on = Jan 10, 5114 BC
Krishn was born around = 3150 BC   -  thus the difference between their birth is 5114 - 3150 = 1964 yrs

Although these two dates do not coincide logically for Raam and Krishn's birth. At least one of them is wrong, because there should be a difference of 864,000 (of Dwaapar Yug) + 11,000 years (ruling period of Raam) between the birth of these two incarnations.

But according to Padm Puraan, there is only 15 generations gap between these two incarnations -
Raam -> Kush -> Atithi -> Nishadh -> Nal -> Nabhaa -> Pundareek -> Kshemdhanvaa -> Devaaneek -> Aheenagu -> Shastraashwa -> Chandraavalok -> Taaraapeed -> Chandragiri -> Chandra -> Shrutaayu. Shrutaayu was killed in Mahaabhaarat war and Krishn was also present in MBH War.

it means that these 15 generations lived for 1964 years, and each king lived roughly for 131 years - that is also not logical

Kali Yug started 3102 BC. Some Puraan give its kingship during 3139 BC - 83 BC.
Krishn lived for 123 years. If Krishn was born in 3150 BC, and as it is commonly known that the day he went to His Dhaam, the Kali Yug came, and He lived for 123 years; it means that He lived up to 3150 - 123 years = 2027 BC, then it means that Kali Yug came in 2027 BC. Kali Yug cannot start in 3102 BC as people believe. It should start in 2027 BC or so.

Yug in Vaayu Puraan
24,000 years Ayanaabd Yug, indicated in Vaayu Puraan, has 2 parts of 12,000 years each Ava-Sarpinee starts with Satya - Tretaa - Dwaapar -Kali Yug, and Utsarpinee in reverse order. Actual glacial cycle in history is closer to Indian value of 24,000 years. Swaayambhuv Manu was after glacial flood of 31,000 BC in 29,102 BC-26,000 years before Kali Yug beginning (Brahmaand Puraan). 11th Vyaas, Rishabh Dev was just after second glacial flood in 10,000 BC. Before that, it was period of Vaivaswat Yam.
Avasarpinee and Utsarpinee are the Jain religion terms for time.

Gopad Yug From Aitareya Braahman
Like 4 feet of a cow, it has 4 years. It starts with Go-dhooli Belaa, i.e. sunset when dust is raised due to cows returning after grazing.
Year 1 is Kali (start of count) which will end at midnight after 365 days - hence Kali is called sleeping.
Year 2 is Dwaapar (Dwaa = 2), which will end after 366 Days at sunrise. Thus it is called awaken.
Year 3 is Tretaa (tri = 3), which ends after 365 days at noon when people are standing.
Cycle is completed in year 4, called Krit ( Krit = completed) again at sun-set.


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