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1-Pratham Ansh

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2-Durvaasaa and Indra

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2-Durvaasaa and Indra
3-Vishnu Puraan, Pratham Ansh, p 29-39

Durvaasaa's Shaap to Indra

Once Shankar's part-Avataar the great Muni Durvaasaa was roaming around on Prithvi, that he saw a garland of Santaanak flowers in the hands of a Vidyaadhar woman. He asked for that garland from her. The woman gave him the garland happily with respect. He wore that garland in his neck and continued his roaming around.

Meanwhile he saw Shachee's husband Indra  coming riding on his Airaavat elephant. Seeing him coming, Durvaasaa threw that garland on Indra. Indra took that garland and threw it on Airaavat elephant. The elephant threw that garland on the ground. Hey Maitreya, Seeing this Muni Durvaasaa got extremely angry with Indra. He said to Indra - "O Indra, You have become very stubborn with the pride of your wealth and prosperity, that is why you did not respect the garland given by me. Neither you said "Thank you", nor you touched it happily with your head, therefore all your wealth and prosperity will be destroyed. You took me like other Braahman, that is why you insulted me like this. At whose anger the whole universe is frightened, you insulted the same?"

Paraashar said - "Hearing this, Indra immediately climbed down from his Airaavat elephant and asked for Rishi's forgiveness. Pleased by his behavior Durvaasaa Rishi said - "I am not a tender-hearted man. I don't forgive people. I am Durvaasaa Muni. Gautam etc Muni have given you lot of importance without any reason. Because Vashishth worships you, you have become so proud that you insulted me today. Who is there in Tri-Lok who can insult me today? Nothing good will come out of your prayer. I cannot forgive you." After having said thus, Durvaasaa Muni walked away and Indra also came back to Amaraavatee (Indra's capital).

Hey Maitreya, Since then all the three Lok, along with Indra's own, started depleting from their resources. Yagya got stopped. Ascetics and people stopped doing Tap, people stopped giving alms. All Lok became greedy, and because of greed Sattwa was getting destroyed, and in the absence of Sattwa, Lakshmee also abandoned these places and so also Gun. Without Gun human beings became weak; and because of weakness they lost their honor, and their wisdom also became disassociated."



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