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Jokes are jokes. They should not be looked for legal points in something that is intended just to be a laugh. One is a happier man when one stops analyzing a joke and just laughs at the statements' face value, because just like humans, their jokes can also be be smart or silly.

There are many kinds of jokes. Some jokes are completely regional (these jokes can be understood only by the people living in those regions, because they are based on the characteristics of that society); some are international (to understand these jokes one should know the characteristics of those societies which they belong to); while some are specific subject related (to understand these jokes one should know the characteristics of these subjects); others are general which can be understood by anybody. This page lists some special jokes. Read them and decide whether they are really special or not.

Children's Jokes
Children's Jokes-1

Heaven and hell;   See the God in a minute;   White hair;   ...she is dead;   Your feet are not empty;   God is watching apples;   A Kindergarten teacher'   Where do I come from?   Because you are born in August;   
Children's Jokes-2
Problem of pronunciation,   Ten Commandments,   Who knows History of the USA

Computer Jokes
Computer Jokes-1

Softwarism;    Medical technology;    A modern fairy tale;    About computer languages;    Life before computers...;    Installing a husband;
Computer Jokes-2 - (Bill Gates Jokes)
Why Bill Gates sold off Microsoft?      Bill Gates, Hell or Heaven?    Computers vs Cars;    
Computer Jokes-3
Computer: masculine or feminine?;    A letter to a computer Savvy husband;    Software engineer and his wife;    Funny Wrong Email Address Story

Computer Jokes-4

How I was born?    How to kill a lion;   Why Google is the best employer?
Computer Jokes-5
Computers and God;    E-Mail from Heaven;    Computer problem report form;  
Computer Jokes-6
Who is on First?     You are living in 2009, when..;  
Computer Jokes-7
Laaloo applied in Microsoft;    A letter from Banta Singh to Bill Gates
Computer Jokes-8  (Hindi)

Doctor-Patient Jokes
Doctor-Patient Jokes-1
God, Bless My Doctor;     These doctors;     Bastard;    
Doctor-Patient Jokes-2
Fees for CAT scan;    Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news;    Help me, Please;   Medi-Claim;   The duck;   Prescription to kill
Doctor-Patient Jokes-3
Actual Writings on some patients' cards in a Kenya hospital ;   Diagnosis;      Post-surgery question;
Doctor-Patient Jokes-4
Reconstructive surgery;     AIDS or Alzheimer;    Bud Light...;    Mental hospital menu;  

Elders Jokes
Elders' Jokes-1
Changing the will;   Feeling like newborn baby;   What is your name?    Where is my toast?    Marriage of convenience;    Deaf old guys;   Heart murmer;    Arthritis;    What did you say?    The grandparents' answering machine;

General Jokes
General Jokes-1

Strength against age;    The Bathtub test;   What, If I did not buy them?    Witness knows everything;     And you thought spam was bad...;
Am I marrying an atheist?     I will buy both of them;   Excuses, Excuses...;   
General Jokes-2
Encounter;     Final exam ;   What I am going to be?;    Who are you talking to?   My dog told me;    Your birthday matters;    
General Jokes-3
Some odd jokes;    If you love someone...;    Suspect ultimate: a cock's story;
General Jokes-4
Remedy for constipation;   You may try again;   CAT scan;   After I am gone;    Conversation in an elevator;    
General Jokes-5
Funny reply;   It is not the drink...;   Problem of hearing;   Store's policy;   Husband Store;   The buffalo theory;
General Jokes-6
Three government contractors;   Caring with hair;    Rascals of the road;    What is your business?;
General Jokes-7
The oldest profession;    Farmer John vs Mrs Farmer John;    What is money?     Welcome to Wall Street...
General Jokes-8
Dad at mall;     $ 10;     Management;    Death of a Salesman;   Energy drinking;   
General Jokes-9
Some clean jokes;     Some more clean Jokes;   
General Jokes-10 (Vatican Jokes)
Terrible Hairstyle;    Smelly clothes;    Vatican humor;
General Jokes-11
Dog bite;     The dinner party;   A bank robbery;    The airplane;    Jungle adventure;  
General Jokes-12
New research in beer;  
General Jokes-13
Short Jokes;  
General Jokes-14
Why: Can somebody give an answer?;    They walk among us;
General Jokes-15
Always be proud of your products;   What is your wish?;    Treatment of hiccups;    One for you and one for me;
General Jokes-16
Some funny definitions;  
General Jokes-17
Burying the lede;    Bow, wow, ruff, bark;    Monkey, the reporter;   Financial management;   
General Jokes-18
Don't mess with old people;     Smoking and the plane ownership
General Jokes-19
General Jokes-20
School smarts;   
General Jokes-21
Best puns ever;  
General Jokes-22
What is stress?     Love in mental hospital;   
General Jokes-23 (Blond Jokes)
Blonds are not so foolish;    Notorious blonde;   Blonde interrogation;   Driver's license;   I have Windows;   Blonde strikes again;   Intelligent Blondes;
General Jokes-24
Power of media;  
General Jokes-25
A priest, a doctor and an engineer; 
General Jokes-26
Some Funny Signs; 
General Jokes-27
A magician in trouble;   The old nun;   Burial in Jerusalem;   40 years of marriage;   Cannibal's story;   Talking parrot;   The deaf bookkeeper;   Party Crashers;   Conversation with God;   Governance system;   Seasonal pass;
General Jokes-28
A quick thinker;   Who is on the shop?;   Elephant act;  
General Jokes-29
Very very punny
General Jokes-30
Some one-liners;    Globalization;   

Heaven and Hell Jokes
Heaven and Hell Jokes-1
Electric chair;   Opening a tea-stall between Hell and Heaven;   Taxi Driver's confessions;  Sorry, I didn't recognize you;    
Heaven and Hell Jokes-2
How hot is it in Hell?   There is only one October;   Ducks in Heaven;   Reincarnation as buffalo Or Life in Texas, USA;   
Three men at Pearly Gates;   Miraculous cure
Heaven and Hell Jokes-3
How large are Heaven and hell?;    Good news and bad news;   What happens in Heaven?    Wise guy;   
Heaven and Hell Jokes-4
Bill Gates: in Heaven or Hell?    Birla goes to Heaven;    Presidents in Heaven
Heaven and Hell Jokes-5
Never make a woman angry;    Married in heaven;  

Hindi Movies Jokes
Hindi Movies Jokes-1
Some Hindi Movie odds
Hindi Movies Jokes-2 (Rajnikant Jokes)
Rajnikant jokes
Hindi Movies Jokes-2 (Rajnikant Jokes)
Rajnikant jokes

Indian Jokes
Indian Jokes-1
A Gujaraatee fun joke;    A Sindhee Joke;    Fire;   Taxi driver;  
Indian Jokes-2 (Satyam Jokes)
Mr Ramalinga Raju's life in jail;   The greatest magician;
Indian Jokes-3 (America-related Jokes)
An Indian migrated to America;     An Indian arrived in America;    Americanized Raamaayan;   Why Indian students are disliked abroad?   
If Kejriwal becomes the CEO of Microsoft
Indian Jokes-4
Concessions for a member of Parliament;   Questions of barber;   
Indian Jokes-5 (Laaloo Jokes)
Who is sleeping on top;      That is how business is done?    Laloo goes to Hell;  Laloo applied in Microsoft
Indian Jokes-6 (Santaa-Bantaa Jokes)
Some Santa-Banta Jokes;     A long Santa-Banta joke,   I have quit drinking;  
Indian Jokes-7(Sardaar Jee's Jokes)
Some short jokes of Sardaar Jee;   Sardaar Jee's Travels;   Another intelligent Sardaar Jee;   
Indian Jokes-8
Modern Geetaa;   
Indian Jokes-9
An Apocryphal story of Russi Mody...;     Rules that India lives by;    Why India is in trouble?
Indian Jokes-10
Enjoy the Indian accent;
Indian Jokes-11
Some Tamilian names according to their professions;
Indian Jokes-12
Vivek Aiyyer's arranged marriage;
Indian Jokes-13
Where are you in India?
Indian Jokes-14
Ant and grasshopper
Indian Jokes-15
Where to cross the Border;    Love your job;   The Goan slumdog;    The haircut;   
Indian Jokes-16
Some short jokes,    Mundee Bhejo;     Reputation of a married man
Indian Jokes-17
Indian history by a school boy;  
Indian Jokes-18 (Sardaar Jokes)
Every problem has a solution;    Blind bunny;    Career song;  
Indian Jokes-19
A new Indian movie on corruption and terrorism
Indian Jokes-20
Maths paper in Pakistan;   
Indian Jokes-21
This is India; 
Indian Jokes-22
Kyaa Pataa
Indian Jokes-23
Kingfisher Airlines

International Jokes
International Jokes-1
The Americans and the Japanese;   Selection criteria of Indian Cabinet Ministers;    British hospitality...;
International Jokes-2 (Sardaar Jee's Jokes)
National integration;   A Sardaar Jee in Saudi Arabia;    You are the expert;    A Sardaar Jee and a lie machine;
International Jokes-3
Oh, these Americans;    Economics of two cows;   You have two cows...   You have two cows...;
International Jokes-4
An American Prayer on Thanksgiving Day;    The Three-Kick Rule;    Know your state's motto;    Teacher arrested;
International Jokes-5
Five Surgeons;     Wall Street Jokes;    Americans think straight and logical;   
International Jokes-6
Indo-Paak Nuclear War scenario;    Indo-Paak agreement;    Kashmeer Belongs to Whom?;   Laaloo and Kashmeer;   Some politically correct jokes;    How to beg more in London?    Politically incorrect humor;   A Paakistaanee and an Afgaan; 
International Jokes-7
Why Ford and GM are losing?;   Newton and Rajanikanth;    Business is business; 
International Jokes-8 (London Jokes)
Copying English trial in Africa;   How to beg more in London?;    Fire in East London;    Revocation and repossession order by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II;  
International Jokes-9
Cops;     EuroEnglish;    Smart;    Shopping;    Muhammad in France;    An Indian zoo lion in a Dubai zoo
Intertional Jokes-10(Irish Jokes)
Some Irish Jokes;   
International Jokes-11 (Flight Jokes)
Flight;     Some airline jokes;  
International Jokes-12
Bank of Canada;    
International Jokes-13
Fastest thing in the world;   Development of communication;   Presence of mind;   
International Jokes-14 (Sardaar Jee's Jokes)
George Bush and Gurmukh Singh;    Intelligent Sardaar Ji;    Do you still think that Sardaar are stupid?    Santa and a Londoner;
International Jokes-15
Ant and Grasshopper;    
International Jokes-16
Interesting Logic;    Fixing a fence;   A legend passes away...;  
International Jokes-17
Two assholes;   Bill's Pie;    The Israeli dog and the Arab dog;    Reputation of a married man
International Jokes-18
Let us offend everybody;   Malayaalee blood   
International Jokes-19
Tony, Bush and India,   US president Obama;   Who kissed whom?;   Presidents in Heaven;   Selection of intelligent people;    Thief and theft; 
International Jokes-20
Who said men can't think quickly;    Chinese products;    Reactions;   A Jew and a Taliban;    See the guts;   Blue pigeon;   
International Jokes-21 (Santa Banta Jokes)
International Jokes-22
A Chinese call center,

Lawyers' Jokes
Lawyers' Jokes-1
Miscellaneous short jokes
Lawyers' Jokes-2
Joke of the century;    A bank robbery;   Honest lawyer
Lawyers' Jokes-3
Smart policeman
Lawyers' Jokes-4
Who is telling the truth?;   Say it like a lawyer;    Grounds for divorce; 

Marital Jokes
Marital Jokes-1
Short laughs;   Dating process;  Back from work;   Gifts;    Phone ringing;   Cooking;  
Marital Jokes-2
Italian girl;     I am a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world;    Anniversary mistake;   Why dogs are better then wives?
Marital Jokes-3
Before marriage... and after marriage;    Know the woman's vocabulary;    What a wife says... and what she means;
Marital Jokes-4
A 50th wedding anniversary;    The success of marriage;   A Father's father (read this in another context as "Family Problems" on Page 10);   
When you don't know what to say;    Heaven and Hell;    Buried upside down;  
Marital Jokes-5
You do the math;   Some other equations;   What is marriage?    
Marital Jokes-6
Thoughts of men;      Rules from men's side;    Men are just happier people; 
Marital Jokes-7
Don't lie to your wife;  And then the fight started...;    Why God made me beautiful?    God, please, make me a woman;
Marital Jokes-8
Short Jokes;    Some oxymoron;   
Marital Jokes-9
Women are extremely determined;    Dutiful wife;    Women, what they can do?    A damn fine explanation;   One word or two;   Women;
Marital Jokes-10
The geography of a woman;   Three wishes;   Poor husband;    Family problems;    Distinction between complete and finished; 
Marital Jokes-11
Genie's Joke;    Because your wife doesn't work
Marital Jokes-12 (Just Before Marriage)
Why break up?
Marriage Quotes (About Women)
Some quotes about women;   About women;    

Miscellaneous Jokes
Miscellaneous Jokes-1
A gender neuter sentence;    Some short poems;   

Murphy's Laws Jokes
Murphy's Laws Jokes-1
Murphy's Laws;    The Universe Solved; 
Dilbert's Laws-1
Dilbert's Laws-1

Religious Jokes
Religious Jokes-1
Dog's funeral;   Ice cream is good for soul;    Return it to sender;    Would you light my candle?    Where is God?
Religious Jokes-2
Dear Lord, hear my plea...;     Where is his hat?    Use your own dirt;    A Christmas prayer by a child;    Justice by Solomon;    God's great sense of humor;
Religious Jokes-3
Between two thieves;   Ride to Jesus;    Who needs the prayer now?;    Sunday School Funnies...;    No such thing as free lunch...;    The third fall;  
Religious Jokes-4
Catholic Shampoo;     I am in the secret service;    Mom, What Are You Doing?    Who is up there?   The lovely ten;
A Rabbi, A Hindu and a lawyer;    Define Jesus;    I am in a mess;
Religious Jokes-5
Fallen;     It is a local call;    Vatican humor;    What causes arthritis?    Are you sure you have lost Him here?  
Religious Jokes-6
Light spirits;    A case against Krishn;    In God we trust;   The confessional box;    Does God exist?    Technique of selling Bibles
Religious Jokes-7
Why are you not afraid of me?    Never sell that cow;    Why are the Jews so smart?;    Brain transplant;    Judge and Judgment;   New name;   Mathematical miracles;    Irish priest

Scientific Jokes
Scientific Jokes-1
Einstein's speech;    Why Isaac Newton Committed suicide?    Engineers' conference;     7 Engineers and 7 doctors;    Understanding engineers;   A scene in 2020;
Scientific Jokes-2
Fun Math with Raam Naam;    Steven Wright
Scientific Jokes-3
Four cats;   
Learning to be observant;

US Jokes
US Jokes-1
Our Great President;  Debt free;   Made in USA;   The gold urinal;  
US Jokes-2
Real life silly situations;    Abbott Costello nailed it;  

Work-Related Jokes
Work-Related Jokes-1
Work place negotiations;   Game of mathematics;    Height or length?    Universal laws of the office;    Deadlock;   Circular;
Work-Related Jokes-2
The corporate language;     I want a raise;    A zoo story;    Did you read the memo?    Future CEO Material;   Salary theorem...;
Work Related Jokes-3
How to recruit the right person for the job?   How the IT Industry made it?    A man without ears;   Oh say, you can see;
Work Related Jokes-4
Smart cat;   A naughty houseboy;   Management;     Management lessons from a bank robbery;   Interesting chat;    Job interview for Post Office job;
Work Related Jokes-5
The present-day world of economics;    Jack or Jill;    Work: a retrospective...;    It is impossible, Sir;   Try to do it when the engine is running;
Firing rules;   Who is the boss?   Confidence; 

Work Related Jokes-6
Memorable Interviews
Work Related Jokes-7
Chartered Accountant's answers;   An important medical alert;    Explanations or taking a nap;    Stand in line;    Efficient insurance agents;    How does a professional wish success to others;  
Work Related Jokes-8
Actual letters received by Welfare Department;   Wine taster;   Analysis of an accident;   Legend of the eight monkeys;    Socialism;   Short jokes;  
Work Related Jokes-9
Top 15 work related humor;   Marketing;    How do companies kill a lion?



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